BestWork DATA answers the people questions that you have always had. You had them today, and you will have them tomorrow. DATA can give you the answers to questions such as:


Can our current sales team really sell solutions? 

Is this person the right one to promote?

Why did this project take so long?

What do I have to do to get them to buy into the plan?

What does it take to communicate with them?

Who should I hire?


With a simple 25 minute online experience, BestWork DATA measures the hard-wired traits and abilities that determine how a person thinks, learns and behaves. The importance for you is that these same factors determine how a person delivers specific job behaviors or if they can deliver them. 


They determine who can work effectively on a team with others and what is required for that. This DATA is as far beyond common assessments as a smart phone is to flip phone. It will change your business and it will unlock the potential of your people beyond anything you have ever imagined.


A Disruptive Innovation


Why BestWork DATA is replacing traditional assessments:


    • Bad Hires are now optional. BestWork DATA introduces a binary decision into the hiring process. It tells whether a candidate CAN SELL or CANNOT SELL. It tells if a candidate CAN consistently follow rules and procedures or CANNOT. It is specific, rather than a simple percentage map to a profile or benchmark of “top performers.”
    • BestWork DATA typically costs only a few dollars per use. The unlimited usage license allows businesses to extend the use throughout the enterprise, rather than being restricted to executives and sales teams.
    • BestWork DATA reports do not require expert interpretation or special training. They are easily understood by anyone.
    • BestWork DATA does not depend upon profiles of top performers. Today’s business environment is too dynamic for static performance models.
    • BestWork DATA is far more than a hiring event. The DATA system includes a full suite of talent management tools that extend the value of the DATA through the life cycle of each employee, from onboarding and training to career planning and management. 


For more information, read What Is BestWork DATA & Why Is It Different.